what other youtube artists do you guys listen to? looking for new youtubers, staying loyal to alex of course though ;D

  1. brightgreentightjeans said: Luke Conard defiantly! And Landon Austin, Edd Plant and Alex Day! :)
  2. jaxxieudo said: EMZsings (Emily Smith)
  3. thealexgootshow said: Dave Days, Landon Austin, Conor Maynard, Chad Sugg, Hobbie Stuart and Kurt Schneider :)
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    Leroy Sanchez, Corey Gray, Lily Halpern, Nick Pierta. Josh Harrsion. Chrisitan Wossilek. Dylan Chambers doesn’t do much...
  5. taintingbeauty said: Dave Days. Tyler Ward. Katy McAllister. Chad Sugg.
  6. sweeter-than-a-fairytale said: Boyce Avenue, Megan Nicole, Sam Tsui, Alex G, Jess Moskaluke, Hannah Trigwell, Christina Grimmie and Mia Rose :)
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    Chrissy Costanza, Against the Current, Megan Nicole, Tiffany Alvord, Jason Chen, Dave Days, Kina Grannis, Joseph...
  8. becky062 said: Chad Sugg, Luke Conrad, Landon Austin, Tiffany alvord, Julia sheer :)
  9. william-sherlock-scott-watson said: Peter Hollens, Corey Gray, Max Schneider, Jason Munday, Landon Austin
  10. rosesfortrinity said: Corey Gray!!!!! I’m in love with him!
  11. shaker-of-words said: BriBry, Charlie Puth, Dodie Clark, Jamie McDell, Landon Austin, Rory Flynn :) That’s just naming a few for you.
  12. nowineuntasted said: landon austin, alex carpenter (hes actually moving in with goot if you didnt know!), and peter hollens are really great :)
  13. woahitsbecky said: Timeflies, Chad Sugg, Tiffany Alvord, Chester See, Sam Tsui, Kurt Hugo Schneider….I’m sure I have more :p
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